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What is QRide?

QRide is a competency- based training and assessment program. QRide assesses riders on a range of criteria and ensures that they are able to demonstrate an appropriate level of skill and profiencey as a motorbike rider. QRide's main aim is to boost education, awareness and enhance road safety.

What do I have to do to participate in QRide?

Five steps to QRide

1. Have the correct licence.

To participate in QRide training and assessment, as a minimum you must hold a current class RE motorbike learner licence - if you do not have a RE learner license then you will need to undertake a two day pre-learner course. If you wish to obtain a class R motorbike licence (unrestricted), you must have held a class RE provisional or open licence for at least one year - if you obtain your RE licence after 1st October 2016 then you will need to hold your RE licence for two years before you are able to upgrade to R class.

2. Enrol.

Contact QRide Gladstone and Bundaberg Motorcycle Training on 4155 3613 or email QRide Bundaberg and Gladstone Motorcycle Training to enrol. We will ask you to provide some information about your licence history to determine which class of motorbike you are eligible to learn to ride. For example, if you want to learn to ride a class R motorbike, you may need to know the date on which your class RE provisional or open licence was first issued. You can obtain this information by completing a Driver's Record Information Request form (F2121) and presenting it at any Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre

3. What things will I have to do on QRide?

You will need to be able to demonstrate you can ride safely. As part of QRide you will need to pass a range of competencies that display your skills and demonstrate you will be safe on the road. You will need to go through a series of competencies. Essentially everyone doing QRide will have the same minimum level skill. These skills are designed to make you a safe motorcyclist. When learning to ride a motorbike you must display an L-plate and carry your class RE learner, provisional or open licence. Your licence must be shown to a police officer or any other authorised person if you are asked to do so.

4. What happens when I complete QRide?

When you have shown that you are competent in all of the QRide competencies, you will be issued with a competency declaration (QRide Certificate).

5. Getting your licence.

Before you can ride unaccompanied on your motorbike, you must take your current licence and Q-Ride Certificate to a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre to apply for your motorbike licence or if you prefer you can have your Q-Ride provider authorise online and you can then activate yourself. 

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